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Global com International Limited (Gcom) has been offering international long distance services to carriers around the world since 2012

  • Relationships

    Gcom provides international carrier termination services to 150 long distance carriers around the globe. Our senior management has been directly managing 100 in-country partners the past Eight years. This commitment to personal service has secured and strengthened these relationships. We have increased annual growth year over year, in what has become a very, competitive market of VoIP communication providers.


    More than 400 Direct Routes

    Accessible Customer Service
    Voice Quality and Security
    Competitive Prices


    Aggressively Low Rates

    Quality of services
    Professional team
    A-Z Premium Termination
    High volume call processing

    Gcom Support

    Reliable interconnections 24/7 technical Support


    Gcom Communications has been offering international long distance services to carriers around the world since 2008. Our success is built around Vinculum’s robust international network that has been developed through partnerships and relationships in more than 60 countries. We currently provide service to approximately 150 global long distance carrier customers, and partner with more than 100 service partners around the world.

    We have ecxellent payment terms

    We do mainly post payment terms 7/3 by bank wire. Also any amount always possible by Bitcoin/Skrill/PayPal/Perfect Money. 


    Gcom fully understands the importance of providing customers, agents, and route partners with accurate billing statements, reports, and call records. To provide customers information they need, we utilize the Fastlink System for billing and traffic reporting, providing the following features and benefits:

    • Real-time traffic data and summaries.
    • Summaries for each destination, including call attempts, call completions, ASR percentages, total duration, average duration per call, total revenue, revenue per minute, total cost, cost per minute, total margin, and margin per minute.
    • Accurate, timely, and flexible billing.
    • Accurate and flexible system for changing customer rates and sending rate change notifications.
    • A complete least-cost routing database.
    • Web-based system allows secure and easy access to Gcom vendors and agents worldwide